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The most underutilized resource in private companies is a real board of directors. Studies show that private and family-owned businesses that have a functioning board of advisors or directors significantly out-perform those that do not. Jacobs Capital advises business owners on when is the right time to assemble a board, who should be on your board, how often it should meet and what you should pay independent directors.

Governance Matters

One reason many entrepreneurs own their own business is that they don’t want a boss. You should not view a board as a boss. Rather, you should recognize that it is lonely at the top, and no matter how skilled you are at what you do, there are many aspects of business that you have limited knowledge of. A successful business owner is one who knows what they don’t know. Supplementing your business acumen with the experience and capabilities of trusted advisors can materially improve how you plan for the future, how you tackle the issues of today and how much enjoyment you obtain from your job.

Our Expertise

Michael Jacobs is considered one of the leading experts in America on corporate governance. He is Professor of the Practice of Finance at The University of North Carolina’s Graduate School of Business, where he teaches all the MBA classes on corporate governance. He also teaches the corporate governance segment for the Family Business class.

Previously, Professor Jacobs served as Director of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance Policy at the U.S. Treasury Department. He has published two books on the topic of governance, including Short-Term America (Harvard Business School Press) which was named one of the top 10 business books the year it came out. The nation’s largest institutional investor named Michael Jacobs as one of the seven individuals who made the greatest contribution to corporate governance reform.

Board Experience

  • K2 Solutions (defense contractor)
  • Cortical Metrics (medical devices)
  • Southern Software (public safety software)
  • Biscuitville (55 restaurants)
  • Woodward Clyde Group ($400 million engineering firm)
  • Newmark Rug (consumer products)
  • Cape Environmental (environmental services)
  • North Carolina Pension Fund (12th largest in US)
  • NC Coal Ash Management Commission (Chairman)
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