Online Business Valuation Calculator

This tool was created to provide business owners with a general idea of the value of their business so they can make informed decisions about exit strategies and be aware of the metrics that buyers rely on to establish their offers. The calculator is an interactive video experience, narrated by Michael Jacobs, the founder and CEO of Jacobs Capital. Once a business owner completes the inputs, our team provides a rough estimate of the value of the business at no cost. For owners interested in a formal or more specific valuation, please visit the Business Valuations page and contact us at 919-428-4800.

This free estimation tool is designed for businesses that are large enough to be purchased by strategic buyers or private equity firms. If your business has less than $1 million in pre-tax income or EBITDA, you should consult a local business broker, as the methods we use may not be applicable, thus, we do not offer reports for companies of that size.

TERMS OF SERVICE: I acknowledge that I am a senior executive in a private company with at least $1 million in pre-tax profit or EBITDA and that I will be submitting actual data on my company.  I will provide a legitimate email address to verify I am with the company being valued, and I further acknowledge that I am not a third-party business advisor or intermediary.

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